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Origins of the Swarbrooke Surname

"SWARBROOKE is a variant of the more common Locational name SWARBRICKE, which means "from Swarbricke in the parish of Kirkam, Lancashire" ( a small settlement first mentioned in the 13th Century).

This name derives from the Old Norse SVART "dark" and the Old English BRYGG " a bridge." Early recorded instances of the surname include the Grant of Administration of the Estate of John Swartbrecke of Rossaker at the Archdeaconry Court of Richmond in 1581, and probate of the wills of William Swarthbricke, a yeoman, and of William Swarbreck both of Rossaker at the same court in 1619 and 1676 respectively. Christopher Swarbricke of Poulton, son of John, was admitted to the Guild of Preston in 1642.

   No Coat of Arms has been identified which is properly associated with the name Swarbrooke nor with any etymological or orthograpic variants thereof.

The above information was supplied by Dr Richard Baker of "The Institute of Heraldic and Genealogical Studies" at Canterbury, and contradicts the information supplied through these "Hall of Names" computers that you find in Shopping Malls and the Seaside concerning a Coat of Arms for your Surname.

According to the "Hall of Names" and the "Heraldic Research Centre", the Coat of Arms is "Argent, three squirrels sejant gules", which belongs to SWARLAND not Swarbrooke, and the crest "A squirrel sejant gules" does not exist on the Swarland Arms, so they have made that up. They also quoted "Lancashire Wills atRichmond", but this is not a document, but an Index published by the Lancashire and Cheshire Record Society.

Going back to the Information supplied by Dr Richard Baker of the Institute at Canterbury, I can't say that I agree 100% with his findings on how the name changed from Swarbrick to Swarbrook, as I have found the name SWARBROOKE elsewhere as listed opposite

Whilst doing research on our ancestral surname, instances of it popped up in several other places other than the 4 counties we are all familiar with - as follows:




 Ann Swarbrook wed Nicholas Brightwell at St James Church, Dukes Place, 4th Feb 1688.

 Alice Swarbrook wed Richard Bartup at St Benet, Pauls Wharf on 30th July 1735.

 Alice Swarbrook wed Samuel Candy at St Martin in the Field on 11th March 1758.

 Robert and Catherine Swarbrook had three of their children baptized at St Annes, Soho and St Sepulchre in 1764 (Robert), 1766 ( Catherine Matilda) and 1774 (Thomas).

 Catherine Matilda buried 30 Nov 1766 at St Ann Soho

 Henry Swarbrook buried 1661 in London

 William Swarbrooke, Mariner, Will dated 1699 (see copy of Will below)




 John Swarbrooke wed Kath Poole at Yarnton in 1613.

 John Swarbrooke died 15 Jan 1644 at Kidlington, Oxford

 John Swarbrooke bapt 9 Feb 1616 at Kidlington, Parents John & Katherine Poole

 Elizabeth Swarbrooke wed Rych Mason at Glympton in 1615.

 John Swarbrooke was baptized on 9th Feb 1616 at Kidlington.

 Richard Swarbrooke was baptized on 3rd March 1621 at Kidlington Parents John & Katherrine Poole

 Alice Swarbrooke wed Micheal Rogers at Watlington in 1655 by Banns.

 Alice Swarbrooke bapt 11 Sep 1626 at Kidlington, Parents John & Kath Poole

 Anna Swarbrook was baptized 26 Apr 1697 at Pirton, Parents Thos & Alicea Green

 Tho Swarbrook bapt 25 Jun 1694 at Pirton, Parents Thos & Alicea, Spouse Cathrine

 Thomas Swarbrook bapt 1719 at Pirton, Parents Tho & Catherine




 John Swarbrooke wed ? ? on 10th Oct 1608 at Shipston on Stour.

 Ann Swarbrooke wed Edmund Chantril on 16th May 1661 at Pershore, St Crucis.

 Rebecca Swarbrooke baptized 21st Mar 1674 at Kempsey.

 Thomas Swarbrook wed Alicia Green on 25th May 1693 at Pirton. Thomas Swarbrooke baptized on 25th June 1694 at Pirton.

 Anna Swarbrooke baptized on 26th April 1697 at Pirton.

 Richard Swarbrooke baptized on 24th June 1700 at Pirton.

 Thomas Swarbrook baptized on 23rd Sep 1719 at Pirton.

 Richard Swarbrooke buried 24 May 1699 at Stoulton St Edmunds

All of the above were taken either from the 1988 IGI. (International Genealogical Index) or Parish Registers via the internet and sites such as "Ancestry" or "Find My Past" and not forgetting the "National Archives" - and it would appear that John Swabrooke of Shipstone on Stour (probably born about 1587) is the earliest known bearer of the SWARBROOKE surname todate.

Last Will of William Swarbrooke


Will of William Swarbrooke, mariner of the Great Minories, Aldgate, London dated 3 October 1694. Probate London 13 July 1698


I William Swarbrooke of the great Minories near Aldgale London Mariner have and by these presents doe make ordaine and constitute my lovcing Cozen Mary the Wife of Job Feake of Stephney, Marrincr, my true and laufull Attorney irrevocable for me and in my name and for my use to aske demand and receive of and from the right honorable the Treasurer or Paymaster of their Majesties Navy and Commissincrs for prize money and whom else it may conceme. As well all such wages and pay, bounty money, prize money and all other summe and summes of money whatever as now is and which hereafter shall or may be due or payable unto me pursucant to thier Majesties gracious Declaration of the twenty three of May 1689 And alsoc all such pcncions salaries, smart money and all other moneys and things whatsoever which now and at any lime hereafter is and shallbe due to me for my wages, pay, salary, service or otherwise in any of his Majesties Shipps, Friggotts or Vessells or any Merchant shipp or shipps As alsoe to demand recover and receive of all other person and persons whatever whom it doth or may concerne All and singular such other summe and summes of money, goods, wages, effects, wages, debts, dues, claimes and demands whatsoever which now and hereafter is or shall be due and payable unto me either by bond, bill, booke accompt or otherwise howsoever And morever in my name and for my proper use to demise and lett by lease in writeing or otherwise all or any of my Messuages, Lands or Tenements to such person or persons and for such tcrme of yeares, condicions and reservacons as my said Attorney or Councell shall thinke fitt and convenient Giveing and hereby granting unto my said Attorney my full and whole power in the premises and to recover and receive all and singular IheSumme and Summes of money, matters and things aforesaid and upon nonpayment thereof or any part thereof All such person and persons whom it may concernr and where need shall require their Executors Administrators and goods to sue arrest, attach, seize, imprison, prosecute and condemme and to compound and agree and out of prison to release and discharge And upon recept of the said premisses or any part thereof aquittance, release or any other discharges for me and in my name to make, serve and deliver and one Attorney or more to substitute and at pleasure to revoke and generally to act and doe all other acts, matters and things whatsoever needful! and necessary to be done in and touching the premisses as fully and effectually as I might or could doe if I were personally present, ratificing and allowing for firm and valid and irrevocable Means whatsoever my said Attorney shall lawfully doe or cause to be done in and touching the premises by virtue of these presents And I the said William Swarbrooke considering the uncertainty of thistransistory Life doc make and declare these present to containe my last Will and Testament that is to say 1 commit! my soul into the hands of Allmighty God that made me and as to all my Estate both real and personal! of what nature or kind soever And alsoe such wages, summc and summcs of money. Lands, Tenements, goods, chattel! and Estat whatsoever wherewith at the time of my decease I shall be possessed or investedor which shall then belong or of right appcrtainc unto me J doe give, devise and bequeath unto my said Cozen Mary Fake and doe hereby nominate and appoint my said Coscn Mary Fcakc-my sole Executrix of this my last Will and Testament and doe revoke all former Wills and Deeds of guift by me at any time hcrctooforc made and doc ordninc these presents and be for and as my only last Will and Testament. In witness whereof I have hereunto sett my hand and scale the third Day of October Anno Domini one thousand six hundred Ninety Four And in the sixth year of the raigne of King William and Queen Mary


William Swarbrooke     Signed, sealed, published and declared in the prescence of Jno Godwine   Tho Woodrofe     Nath Sharpe, Notary Public


Marriage Transcription.



 Full First name:Job

 Spouse Surname:Knight

 Spouse First Name:Mary

 Place:Holy Trinity Minories


 Record source:Boyd's Marriage Index 1538-1840

 Data provider:Society of Genealogists

 Transcriptions © Society of Genealogists