SWARBROOKE Family Heritage

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Newspaper Archives

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The Morning Post

Saturday Aug 20th 1831

The Western Gazette

Friday 10th Feb 1933

Derby Evening Telegraph

Tuesday jun 2nd 1936

Derby Evening Telegraph

Friday Feb 3rd 1933

The Chester Chronicle

November 7th 1857

Manchester Courier and Lancashire Advertiser

Saturday Oct 18th 1845

Derby Mercury

Wednesday November 27th 1895 

Derby Evening Telegraph

Saturday 23rd Oct 1943


Nottingham Evening Post – Monday 12 March 1883

Derby Borough Police Court

William Swarbrook, for fighting in Sadler gate, was fined 5/- and costs

Derby Mercury – Wednesday 28 August 1889

A Child drowned in the Nottingham Road Canal

On Monday afternoon, about half past three, Charles Swarbrook, aged three years, the son of a married woman named Limbert, accidentally fell into the canal near his home on the Nottingham road, whilst playing with some other children of a similar age.  Police constable Chappell who happened to be on duty near, procured a drag, and the body was recovered shortly afterwards, but life was extinct.

Nottingham Evening Post

Tues Jun 13th 1944

Derby Evening Telegraph

Thurs May 5th 1943

Derby Evening Telegraph

Friday June 26th 1896

Derby Evening Telegraph

Tues Dec 2nd 1947

Derby Evening Telegraph

Friday 25th Apr 1941

Nottingham Evening Post

Thursday Sept 8th 1892

Derby Evening Telegraph

Monday Sept 19th 1938

Nottingham Evening Post

Friday May 26th 1933

Derby Evening Telegraph

Saturday July 18th 1931

Nottingham Evening Post – Wednesday 13 February 1895.

Todays Police News

The Cowman and his Wife:

William Swarbrook, of 1 Balloon-houses, Wollaton, was summoned to show cause why an order should not be made upon him for the maintenance of his wife, Sarah Ann Swarbrook, of 28 Wollaton Road, whom it was alleged he had deserted. The wife stated that she had been married seven years to the defendant, and there were five children. Her husband turned her out at Christmas, threatening her at the same time with violence if she did not go.  Defendant stated that his wife was very dirty in her habits, and that she allowed the children to get into filthy conditions. He further alleged misconduct against her. Evidence was given on behalf of the defendant but the misconduct referred to was not of such a character as to free the defendant from the obligation in regard to maintenance.  The magistrates advised the parties to endeavour to live peacefully, and Mr Carver admonished the wife seriously as to her future conduct. The defendant said that he would prefer to make his wife an allowance. “ he had tried her so many times” He was a cowman at Wollaton and only earned 16/- per week. The children were with him. An order for the payment of 2/6 per week was made.

Derby Daily Telegraph

Wed Apr 24th 1895

Derby Evening Telegraph

Fri June 2nd 1950

Manchester Courier & Lancashire Advertiser

Saaturday May 18th 1844

The Derby Telegraph

Monday Aug 10th 1931

Derby Evening Telegraph

March 6th 1942+-

Manchester Courier and Lancashire Advertiser

Saturday April 11th 1840

Nottingham Evening Post

Monday May 26th 1932











Derby Evening Telegraph

Wednesday 11th October 1939