SWARBROOKE Family Heritage

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Swarbrooke Family History



If you are reading this text, you are probably a SWARBROOK(E) with or without that 'E' by birth or married to a SWARBROOKE; and I hope that by continuing to read you will learn more about our ancestors going as far back as the mid 1600's in Cheshire and Lancashire, although in the 17th & 18th centuries there has been pockets of our surname holders in London, Oxfordshire and Worcestershire - but I have as yet not been unable to connect them and place them in our Family Tree.


There has been a slight variation in the spelling or pronunciation of the name over the generations from SWARPRICK in the 1600's to SWARBRICKE in that same generation, and then on to SWARBROOKE before 1700.


There are instances of the name of the same person being spelt differently in the Baptism Register at Church, to the Marriage Register, and believe it or not a different spelling when mentioned in a will.


I use "Roots Magic" as my Family History Programme and most of the text published here has been exported from that programme using the "Narrative Report" feature.


If you notice that parts of my research are incorrect or you can add further information, then please contact me at : In1066land@sky.com


NB - In early August 2012 I was diagnosed with a rare disease that only effects 1 in 20,000 people. It is called 'Myasthenia Gravis' which is classified as an auto-immune disease where the body's immune system attacks itself weakening the voluntary muscles that control the eyes, the face, throat and limbs and the muscles that help you breath. There is no cure, but treatment is available to control it, but it takes anywhere from 2 to 5 years to be effective; so please forgive me for any delay in answering your enquiry.


Chris Swarbrooke in Hastings (Chris in 1066)

NB. For more SWARBROOKE Family History visit http://maythornemill.webs.com

Special Message

I am sorry to announce, but at 19.45pm last night (Monday 23rd Feb) my mother Norah May Swarbrooke - nee Wilson, passed peacefully away here in Hastings at the age of  93.  She will be interred in the family plot at St James Church, Normanton on Soar, Notts, on Monday 23rd March at 11.30am and afterwards the wake will  at "The Plough Inn" at 12.15pm.